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My terrible mistake (supporting L1T without Patreon/Paypal)


After discovering through another tech YouTuber that PayPal is changing the policy on refunds for the worse (reversed transactions will not reverse the bulk of PayPal’s fees), leaving merchants in the lurch to ultimately pass on that loss to the consumer, it has given me some time to reassess my relationship with PayPal, as well as Patreon since there has been contention there in the past.

However, as I have powered through for alternative means (trashing my Patreon account, attempting to kill my Paypal and currently have a dispute open because of some possibly unknown pending transaction), I realized my plan “B” was not thoroughly researched, and is ending up not fulfilling the primary goal.

Signed up to Ko-fi, and attempted to subscribe to Level1. It directly takes me to Paypal. After a couple needless steps: becoming a gold member and activating Stripe (which only benefits me if I was receiving anything), I found out that Paypal is generally required for payments anyway.

Worse, my setup of Stripe was worse than pointless since it shares the same fee policy for refunds as it is.

I would rather avoid Patreon. I would very much prefer to avoid PayPal. But I still want to access Level1 content (that early and/or exclusive stuff) however it seems like there is a perfect storm of difficulty in doing so.

Ko-fi could improve this by holding a tab (will never be a negative balance; it would be the users responsibility to maintain that balance; it would be Ko-fi’s responsibility to process from that balance even though their main goal is to not be the middle man).

Alternatively, I could send a lump sum via an alternative method (outside of Ko-fi) in lieu of a recurring payment, but the receiving end would manage the accounting back into Ko-fi (essentially how many months that lump sum covers). But I don’t believe either of those are available.

Or I could grumble grumble and return to Patreon, to use their (seemingly) no-hassle PayPal-free methods.




You could purchase merch. not the same as directly sending them money but it still helps.

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Merch is the way to go. Set yourself a target for each month and then addup the months and buy a thing. BOOM. you are now a supporter and got a free* gift!



Our time with ko-fi may be numbered as well. PayPal seems not to want to support them properly and it negatively impacts other things. About all I can say for now.



This is really quite interesting. I had wondered what the relationship between ko-fi and paypal would turn out as, after observing many of the users of ko-fi.

Patreon has quite a bit of pull, they even managed to get Paypal to lax some of their own policies just for Patreon transactions even.

ko-fi may just be too fast and loose for their liking.