My take on how to kill your console

Part 1 - Components:

Part 2 - De-lidding and re-lidding:


Just my 2 cents. Post your alternative options.

I disagree with your analysis of the 760k vs Pentium AE. The Pentium AE I would generally agree is the better buy, especially since in games that only use one-two threads (like you said) it will perform better. But in some many games the performance different isn't that big, and when games are optimized for 4 cores they're nigh on identical. Also it's worth noting that the Pentium has problems with frame latency that the Athlon does not.

While I do think I would purchase the G3258 over the 760k, it's not an entirely one-sided decision. I would not be surprised if the 860k is more powerful than the G3258 in almost all situations. But that's just speculation.

Anyway, overall good video. If I were to make on recommendation, try having more variety in the video itself. Perhaps have footage of you putting the build together or something.

Maybe this?

I'd kill it with fire.

Good feedback. The problem with the Athlon X4 is that they are not very overclockable. The G3258 Starts at 3.2 and you can easily push it at least a GHz over stock and in most cases, much further. You'd have to have a unicorn 760K to push it that far.

Good alternative. However, I managed to fit an SSD and a harddrive within the 500 dollar budget. I think that's essential in having a smooth gaming and desktop experience.

the SSD could be a future upgrade, it is cheaper than upgrade the GPU or any other component basically because you don´t have to remove any component

It's much easier to replace a GPU than an SSD. You have to re-install everything and for average joe, that's not a pleasent experience. There are imaging software available but a fresh install is what I would personally do.

In fact, I'd recommend buying everything apart from the GPU and use the onboard for a while till you get enough money for a decent graphics card.


Part 2 is up folks. De-lidding time!


Let me know if you've got any questions.

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