My sweet video card

This is the front of my MSI NX8600GTS


and this is the back


how much did u pay for it man?


it looks homemade, atleast the heatsink does

thats just cause its aluminum. and thats pretty flismy.

ya just get some fans on it then oc it. crysis is going to be pushing it with an 8600 but its not even that great of a game. the orange box is a must if u havent played it already, half lifes a great single player and team fortress is about the most fun out of online shooters, cod4 is good also but im burnt out on that game.

Have ya checked out my avatar lol portal!!!! the only thing bad about online games is that i always use games that I get from the "usual places" soooo i wouldn't be able to play a nice game of cod4 but one from the "usual places"

"crysis is going to be pushing it with an 8600 but its not even that great of a game" i love crysis =(

Did I get a bad deal?

no u didnt, but its just not a card that will run crysis too great

But can I run crysis dx10 on at least low to medium

You can't activate DX10 on low-high. DX10 is activated on Ultra-high mode only.

dude forget dx10, i have 2 9800gtx's and high on 1680x1050 is still a good bit of work for it. crysis just isnt to greatly writen, but with how low resolution your monitor is you should be able to play it and crysis warhead and far cry 2 are suposed to be better optimized.

60 for a 8600gts is fair, a new 8600gt is like 60 or 70 and the gts is better. right now on ebay you can get an 8800gs for like 80 which is alot better (that card would do med-high on ur monitors res) and ya those are just going to come down more with new card releases. so your gts will get u by, at your monitors res crysis is the only thing that should give u too much trouble at the moment, but everyone ends up disappointed with their performance in that game lol. you should save little bits here and there so u can get one of those gs's a bit down the road. at low res those card perform right up there with the 9600gt and 8800gt.

Well I would rather pay 60 than 80 because when december hits ill be getting a new card.

thats cool man, i mean an 8600gts will do fine in most games and it will hold u over till Christmas easily.

u should have went with the 9600 gso or the 8800 gs

It was either get an 8800 or get a 8600 and get a newer card for ur birthday.

Now would you want to stick with a 8800 when in a little bit they are going to be shit.