My Summer Project (My first water cooled PC)

Hey guys.

I have done allot of research for my system and it seems that everything is final. However i wanted to run this by you guys just in case. Here is the build:  

Never mind the swedish website , the english name of the parts are written anyways. Also if you want to convert the price, one dollar is roughly 7  swedish krona. In addition, i know that the case does not have a side panel window, however i am going to cut one out myself and have a true glazier put a glas panel on there and the extra cost will only be 300 SEK (about $45). 

Please give me your honest opnion on the rig and how i can improve it.  

Beware that 

 Takes up an expansion slot and can sometimes interfere with your motherboard, I have one myself. That being said, you can also just throw it in behind the motherboard tray somewhere and not have to worry about it. 


Looks nice. 

I am well aware of that, however, it have installed one on my cousins computer and it goes straight in without any aproblem :D

Thanks for the reply 

i hope you post pics when you do this.

Are you sure just two radiators, a 240mm and a 120mm, will be enough?

I'd personally grab two 240mms. But then again, I'm no watercooling expert.

If I were you, I'd wait for Haswell. The new i7 should come in just slightly more expensive than the 3770 at launch. I'd imagine you'd not want to take it all apart and drain the loop once it's all done. Also, you won't need a 4gb frame buffer if you are only using that one 1080 monitor. I'd only consider a frame buffer that size if I either had a sli configuration, 5760*1080 surround, or a 2560*1440 monitor. And honestly for the price of that monitor I would consider getting a few less expensive IPS panels. Viewsonic has come out with a few good models recently.

Also that 670 you have in your cart will not fit that water block. That's a custom pcb by Asus. I'd consider, if you want to go the route of the 670, the EVGA FTW+, model 05g-p4-3673-kr. It has the same pcb as the 680, so more options available for full cover blocks.

Also, I would stay away from those corsair heasets. They make a lot of other good things, but headsets arent one of them.

In his shopping list he has 2 240's and 1 120. The "st" is quantity.  More than enough cooling potential. However I'm concerned that that thick rad will not fit in the roof of the fractal design XL. A slim or "stealth" would be better.

Agreed. The Steelseries Siberia V2 is a good bet, or a senheiser.

That being said, any non-usb headset will benefit a great deal from a dedicated sound card. If money is no object, I'd recommend the Asus Xonar STX. It's not surround, but its virtual surround is the best out there. This sound card is arguably the best out there on the mainstream market without going into extremely expensive external DACs.

If you want the best bang for your buck, I'd recommend the Xonar DX. I'd highly recommend either of these cards, and I'd recommend you use them with the Sennheiser PC 350se or the less expensive Steelseries Siberia v2. Both are amazing headsets, you can look up the reviews yourself.

Simply put, good audio is just as important as good graphics while gaming. It is 100% worth investing in. And a sound card is one of those things you can take to your next rig. It will pay for itself in time.