My sub wendellian micro-atx virtualization server

This is what I built today, in total it cost me slightly less than 500 euro.
Case - cit barricade
Cpu - fx8320e black edition
Ram - Kingston 16gb udimm ecc 1333mhz
Mobo - asus M5A78L-M-usb micro atx
Psu - corsair vs450w
Heat sink - Zalman cnps5x
Drives - Toshiba 2.5 inch terabyte drive ( already owned & Only Temporary )
I plan on using this as a daily driver for Windows and Linux, my gaming tower draws way too much power to run for extended periods of time and my laptop is too underpowered for my needs ... a mini virtualization server is born.

I mean do not get me wrong I think this is a nice build.
But WTF How much is power in your area????
You spent 500 because your existing rig draws to much power?
Seems like that does not make monetary sense.

Well my gaming rig draws about 500 ish watts and runs windows and I don't dare touching it incase I lose about 5 years of photos and games ( some of which are not linked to steam), this server draws less than 120w and gives me enough headroom to throw in a graphics card, it's more so a case of appeasing my parents when it comes to the power bill while getting a better solution than dual booting on a low end celeron laptop.

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Lol. I love the name

But your gaming rig is going to already use a lot less power while idle

True but the same can be said for my server , 120w is the highest I've seen it draw under load