My stock clock speed is 4.4?

I just upgraded to a 4790k. And When I checked my bios it said that the stock clock speed is at 4.4. I have crucial balistix sport 1600mhz set on the xmp 1 profile. But I do not think that would be effecting the cpu overclock at all. Could my chip have voltage issues?

Your voltage is not 4.4. Maybe misread clock speed?

No my cpu clock reads out at 4.4

XMP does actually overclock the cpu I believe. Using the XMP profile once it overclocked my cpu to 4.0ghz. I am probably mistaken though.

xmp profile doesn’t affect the cpu clock speed. Reset your bios to factory settings, likely settings that you had applied in past to your older cpu may have affected your current cpu in some ways. (if mobo is too stupid to recognize a new cpu was installed)

(reset bios, restart, check clocks, if all good apply your typical bios settings, overclocks whatever)

Okay I did that and my core frequency at stock is still 4.4ghz. Is this a bad thing?

do you have turbo enabled? If yes, thats it.

I just left everything in the cpu voltage settings at auto.

your mobo may be applying overclocks, but i think its using turbo to overclock itself to 4.4GHz (turbo on that cpu is rated at that speed) check your temps, and stability if you are ok - then its ok i guess.

Package tempereature is 34c to 40c. And the core voltage is 1.1810 to 1.1840. So I guess it’s stable.

4.4 Ghz is the Turbo clock speed too. You might be able to get 4.8Ghz if you are up for it. 4790K is a really good chip, I have two of them!

I can just go to the xmp profile to get to 4.8ghz, 5.4 is what I would probably try to shoot for if I was gonna do a self overclock. I know I am crazy. But I just wanted to check if the higher than average stock clock was unusual because it might be over volting. Never had a i7 with hypertherading. But all voltages appear nominal.

You probably have same thing going on as other thread so that XMP is increasing base clock from that 100 to whatever

It’s just turbo clocking. It was at 4.4 with memory xmp off before I turned it on. Miss the old overclocking day’s. But glad it’s gone.

On a 4790K 5.4 is very hard to hit without LN2. I got a very unstable 5.009Ghz once and I was at damn near 1.5V. That was playing with fire for sure.

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The xmp set my cpu voltage to 1.7 volts. I would have not problem doing peltier water cooling if it means better temps for performance. But performance is not even gonna be noticeable above 4.8 ghz. Or worth the effort.