My SSD is super slow

So I compared my Kingston SH103S benchmarks to friends Samsung 840 EVO. And is it really so much faster or just my SSD showing his age? ( I`m using it for about 2 years)




You might try to defrag your ssd too help speed

How big is your drive (EDIT: whoops can see it on the screenshots), as write speeds are slower the smaller you go.

But just so you know..... the speed of that Samsung SSD are impossible. 3322MB/s on an interface that can only do 6Gb/s (750MB/s). I would run that test again.

Other than that, differences in the controller (notice you are using an AMD board whilst your friend is using an Intel System).

HOLY FECK NO. Defragging an SSD will seriously reduce the life span.

The only reason defragging works (kinda) on a HDD is because it is a physical disk that likes to be read in a sequential order. SSDs can access anywhere in memory without affecting speed. Defragging just puts un-necessary write cycles on the flash.

Your SSD is doing fine. Your buddy with the Samsung hasn't told you that he has turned on the Samsung Magician feature that uses some RAM to act as a dedicated cache. So a large part of that test runs more against RAM than the SSD. (it's a gret feature, but anyway)

Thanks for answers. I forgot about that Samsung feature.

I second that you score seems to be normal for this drive.

Just double check that you are running ACHI mode and that the SSD is plugged into a 6Gbs ports.

Lol the troll is alive.

if you want to achieve similar performance to your friend and you have the ram to spare then primocache is a good piece of software.

when i am purely gaming i set about half my ram to caching (deferred read / write), makes level loading and texture streaming almost nonexistent :D

Not really worth for me. I mainly play strategy games in which I still have to wait other players to load. I`m still happy with my SSD, just that differance between mine and his suprised me.