My SSD is almost full.. of nothing... nothing at all!

So as some of you may know, I formatted my SSD and re-installed windows, but then this has started happening..


When I installed windows and looked at my drive it said that 40GB was used, and windows is only 20GB, but for some reason until it updated it was only 12GB...


And now I only have 2GB and but i've only used about 30GB..


My folders are:

Intel - 7MB

MSOCache - 400MB

Perflogs -0MB

Program Files - 700MB

Program Files (x86) -1.93GB

Program Data - 200MB

Users - 7.4GB

Windows - 20.3GB


So that obviously doesn't equal anything near 57GB/59GB used..


Any idea as to why?


Thanks :)

You probably have a 16GB hiberfil.sys file. Disable Hibernate.

Open a command prompt as admin and

powercfg -h off      Use this exlploring utility. You can see everything on the selected drive/ partition and you can also delete useless stuff. Just be sure to ask google when you're not sure if it's safe to delete something or not.

paging file. set it lower. see if that helps.

Thanks guys, it was the paging file and hibernate file and I downloaded the program that Dubmental suggested but it says that the files are 'in use' so i can't delete them..

As was said before, "powercfg –h off" into command prompt will get rid of the hibernation files and free up space. As I understand it, those files can also put a reserve on some of your RAM capacity too and cause a general slow down, so their removal is often the first thing carried out by people doing fresh installs.

Here is a video explaining how to manually turn off or shrink the paging file: