My sister is drawing Linux-chan and needs your help!

I told my sister about how @anon30801626 here is drawing Level1-chan and that there was a Windows 10-chan. Being woke af she asked if there was a Linux-chan. We searched and scoured the web and we found that a couple a distros had a chan but not Linux as a whole.

Enter Linux-chan

What she needs help with is deciding her hair and eye color. The rest of her colors are
Shirt- Black
Sweater vest- White
Skirt- Yellowy orange (Like Tux’s feet)
I would of shown her mostly colored but this what my sister sent me. I also would make a poll but I don’t want to limit your options.

P.S. She is dead set on not changing the line art

Edit: Credited nuke for Level1-chan


Gentoo purple


Fedora blue




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yo what

Thank you, I couldn’t find the thread for Level1-chan nor could I remember who was drawing her. I edited the OP to credit them

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I picture Linux-chan as a chick with dead eyes and no expression wearing a worn out penguin onesie.


A penguin eye, for reference

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Would a good short nickname for our character be nyx and a code name by 96(stretch, but nine-six sounds like nix)?

Needs runners, or cross trainers, since she can run on anything.
Is there a female form of the name Linus? Linn or Linos perhaps are alternates that might work.

“Not your GNU-rmal teenage girl”




Gentoo purple hair and Fedora blue eyes

The opposite

She said she was bored so she sketched up this



Here you go


I wish I had talent. All I have is this useless knowledge.

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To be honest I would like to have both… Some talent and some knowledge.

On topic: What would R.Stallman/ L.Torvalds think of Linux-chan?

No proprietary clothes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Firstly that would be GNU/Linux-chan and RMS has a reputation with asking ladies to dance… it could get messy.


I like the first one with the purple hair, but does she have to be so pasty? Her skin could use a little melanin. Could she have some pins on her sweater of other distros, such as Ubuntu, Arch, Manjaro, Slackware, Debian, SUSE, etc.?

You know drawing is a skill right ? Skill needs practice to be achieved and knowledge to be perfected.

This is the only linux-chan that I’m aware of. There’s a better version somewhere.

Edit: Found another

same something like this but penguin and a chibi like little girl inside the suit since linux is younger then windows/mac