My setup randomly stops mining

Hi I got my rig setup to start mining bitcoins. My problem is that after I start mining for awile my miner drops down to a few hundred khash/s from about 630 Mhash/s. It seems to do this comletly randomly any from about 30 seconds to 30minuts. To get It mining at full speed I need to stop mining then start mining again. I am useing a hd-7970 with guiminer and BTC guild pool. I keep the temps on my gpu at about 80C. Is there any way I can get it mine constantly?


Your GPU is thermal throttling itself, please lower your clock speeds to reduce the heat output from the card.

Ok thanks. I will give it a try.

That or higher the fan speeds. :p

So I droped the core clock down to 850mhz and ramped the fan up to 95% I still seem to have the same problem. The max temp was 61C. Any other ideas?

Run your gp under load and see what it does. Boot up a pretty intensive game like battlefield 3 or crysis 3 or something like that and max everything out and turn up the resolutions. Run it for about an hour or whatever and see if it crashes.

(also try lowering the memory clock a bit, you might be getting high VRM temps)

80c isnt the thermal limit for the 79xx series cards (pretty close though)

ive had the same problem before with mining at stable clocks, check you AntiVirus, internet connection, and if you need to reset your miner or reinstall it.

I had a similar problem with GUIMiner. Some long poll IO error would make the mining stop and would require a manual start of the miner. Thus I moved to CGMiner, which hasn't given me that error yet, coupled with CGWatcher that automatically restarts the miner if something like what you have described happens. You should check it out. 

I ran furmark for a few hrs last night and didnt have a  problem there. I droped the memory down to 1150mhz and it still seem to be doing the same thing.

I ran furmark for a few hrs last night and didnt have a  problem there. I droped the memory down to 1150mhz and it still seem to be doing the same thing.

I tried disabling avast that didnt help. I have got to be gone all day but ill try reinstalling my miner when I get back.

Ok I will definitely give that a try. Thanks

If you cannot resolve the issue CGWatcher may be a solution for you.

yeah, but pretty sure tha tonly works with cgminer, so if you go that route you cant use guiminer any more :(

GUIMiner is just a front for command line miners anyway so it doesn't really matter, and CGWatcher is a really nice piece of software.

So I downloaded CGminer and CGWatcher. Im not really sure how to use CGminer is there a guide any where?

I think Tonyco wrote one somewhere a while back, so just search through the bitcoin forum. It might be a couple of pages back. If you cant find it, let me know and i'll help you out.

Ok I downloaded a different miner (Bitminter) all seems to be working great! Thanks for all your help! :)  I plan on mining for teksyndicate as soon as I get enough money form bit coins to pay for an aftermarket cooler. (my ears start ringing if im in the same room as my rig for to long ;)

Haha, you can turn down the fans a bit if you're temps aren't too bad. Or you can reduce the clock speed which will make it run cooler. if yoway not you could trace off your side panel, that reduces temps by a bit usually. the best valu thing is normally to buy some awe fans though. For about $30 you can get 2 good fans.

What are awe fans?

I actualy just ordered some case fans.