My second PC build

For my second build Im planning on buying a 4790K CPU, a ASUS Maximus Gene VII Motherboard, Fractal node 804 as a case, and so far im hoping to get a Noctua NH-C14 cpu cooler (I refuse to use water cooling) the other parts I will buy down the road so my old GPU is a EVGA GTX 680 with a blower cooler, and a WD 500GB HDD.
Any input would be helpful especially on the CPU cooler.  

I forgot to mention my PSU is a Corsair GS 700, and my ram is 8gb of Corsair vengeance black ram.

Need to know a budget, what you're planning on using it for, and your current specs would be preferable to see how big of an upgrade you're getting for your $$$...

My budget is 1,500, and I would be using it for gaming and I would prefer it to be as silent as possible. 

Don't get a 4790K, it's not better for games, and the only times that it is is for VERY well optimized and heavy demand games, and as 95% of all the demanding games are AAA and all the AAA games are ports from consoles that don't work then there is no point the the extra thread of the 4790K. All other benchmark results are just margins of error.

If you put your case fans that come included to 7v (mobo headers or using the switch on the back of the case) then they will be inaudible over the GPU.

In that case I'll be getting the I5 4690k, with the Noctua cooler.
Thanks for the help.