My second DVI won't work?

Ok so just got done building my new pc, and my second DVI port won't work, anyone know why?

I'm using DVI to VGA adapter...DON'T ASK WHY, IT's ALL I HAVE....


Video Card:


Do you have drivers installed?



It says only one dvi is dual, what's that mean?

Ah, that could be it. DVI is both a digital and/or analog (VGA) interface. If you have both links (dual link) then it can do either. If it is DVI-D it can only be adapted to digtal with a pasive adapter, DVI-A is the same except with analog.

shiiiiit....ok...also could you tell me why my HDMI looks like shit on my tv?

Like what? does it not work? or just like fuzzy?

fuzzy but its on 1920x1080 and it shrinks a little? The tv supports full 1080p

is this your tv?

no, its a sharp 42"

It looks like a bit of a problem on the internet, the solution seems to be either TV settings, CCC or Nvidia control settings, or most likely, resolution. There are about a gazilion forums here to read, some of them have things you can try, try them, or fool around with settings until something happens.

I had that problem when using HDMI there was an over scan option in CCC that I needed to change, now I am using a display port to DVI adapter, so much better