My Ryzen build

I don't think a microcode update is going to help with Ram compatibility issues, if it was going to there would be all kinds of You Tube video's from the technology community saying yes microcode updates are helping.

Don't count on it.. the ryzen enthusiast chips are on the way.. I really think that we are gonna see some great head to head fighting between amd and intel.. I love this

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I agree that intel has the crown on overall performance, but with Zen ThreadRipper coming out and Naples. It will likely be that intel still will fall behind with multi threaded performance.

Exciting times indeed.

Here is my build im taking to my new place :smiley:

Ive listed every part and whether or not ive had it. Im curious to see what you think @MisteryAngel I highly desire white+tempered glass look LOL

The only thing I would change are increase the ssd size to either 500GB or 1TB, and add an UPS/ power conditioner. I learned the hard way how important an UPS and power conditioner are when I had a power spike and no protection but a cheap power strip.

Looks nice to me. :slight_smile:

With my build after the last major bios update i went from max 2133 to 2933 no problem so i would disagree i think they have helped alot.

NOT A NECRO this is an UPDATE… I may post pictures later

Update Guys I opted for two GTX 980 Tis instead and I got them for way cheap… I also didnt go with flareX or the taichi

Basically I opted for a full rgb setup.

Ryzen r7 1700x Silicon lottery chip

ROG strix motherboard X370-F from ASUS

RGB ram from gskill let me just say they look fucking fantastic and are rock solid at 3600

and of course the Eclipse P400S -Tempered glass silent case… what a beautiful case

@MisteryAngel no issues with RGB RAM stability I know it was noted early on but it looks like everything is all fixed in the schticks I got…

Cool, i thought you had the Asus Crosshair 6 Hero board?
Still currious which particular powerstages they used on the X370-F strix.
Some people claim that it has IR3555’s on it, but i highlly doubt that statement.
I rather think that it comes with CSD87350’s Ti nexfets.
Still its a pretty nice board.

No i liked the ROG Strix RGBs they are really nice how they light up and also go along the peripheral/sata underside of the motherboard

As a person who personally took the heatsink off due to improper manufacturer application of thermal padding… ahh fuck me i should have taken a picture (I did this 6 months ago but got so busy I forgot to come on and tell you). I can confirm they are IR3555’s and I guess this makes sense given ASUS toting the 60A IR powerstage deal.

I believe these are on their microATX/Mini ITX variants … or at least thats what I have heard

If thats the case, then the X370-F strix definitelly got my interests.
Because I love the IR3555’s.
Still weird to me that Asus didnt use the same highend chokes,
as they use on the Hero and Extreme board.

They also use those Ti Nexfets on the Crosshair 6 Hero,
And the X370 Prime pro i believe.

The Crosshair 6 Extreme has the same 8+4 phase vrm layout as the Crosshair 6 Hero.
But the Extreme comes with IR3555’s instead.
On which the Crosshair 6 Hero’s comes with those Ti CSD87350 Nexfets.

These are still extremely reliable and efficient FET’s they are very well designed and often not given the attention they deserve especially on a bargain board like the ones you mentioned

I definitely can say it overclocks brilliantly and they are rock solid even at high temps… Regardless of what the fets are on the newest revision (theres a revised board in the market now but its marked under same model number) I know I got the second batch basically made so I know for sure the IR3555s are on my board

Yeah those Ti nexfets are also decent.
More then fine for Ryzen.

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more then fine for threadripper too AMD’s architecture is very low power