My Ryzen build

So after much careful consideration and conclusion. Here is my 8 core ryzen build I am thinking of. I have all the other parts laying around so I will lay down only the CPU mobo ram and video card

As I have an intel daily driver I am just testing the ryzen platform out. Here are those 4 main components... Solid or no?

I figure ill take the ram to 3200 (yes the kit i chose is cherry picked so I should be able to achieve this). My curiosity is how many AIO LC will fit on AM4 if they worked on AM3/X99? Ive got some H1xx from corsair laying around to see what kind of boosts I get with LC

pst thanks @wendell for your review. It was a deciding factor

I have everything else I need. Im going 1700 as its the best value but feel free to chime in on the 1700 vs 1700x vs 1800x vs NON X intel chipset debate

I will always love my 5960X OC'd LOL I dont care if it gets beaten.. its my workhorse baby and has always been good to me. Plus intel's Tri gate 3d will beat finFet in the long run on the die size anyway from an engineering standpoint so hehe.. the reasons for that are a bit more complicated but if anyone wants to start a thread about that invite me I will definitely chime in


I have a 1700 and love it. I think you will be pleased with this build.

Nice choices, same build as mine except the graphics card. I'm holding out for Vega, but the 580s are a solid card.

I actually use a rx 480 on mine and love it.

Did you overclock it and how far did you manage to get?

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Looks good to me.

Motherboard choice is of course great.
But your 5960X isnt really gonne get beaten at all that much.

Maybe i should go Ryzen aswell instead of X99.
But yeah i allready have a X99 board.

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Great build fam.

AMD RYZEN 7 1700
G.SKILL Flare X 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200MHz
ASRock X370 Taichi

Been building same but still waiting Taichi. While waiting I have discovered case with bonus GPU sag thing whats not being promoted.

Not many completed build shots can be found because people want to show whats inside, but I think the whole point of that dark aquarium is to show things like that 1700's stock cooler ring while keeping everything else hidden.

My point, source

Sag thing

3.8 on stock cooling

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I think hands down there is no debate. I would have went the same direction myself if I didnt already have a 1151 socket board in my build. The 7700k is a beast and I only paid $310 for mine (pre ryzen release) but part of me wishes I had waited for those extra cores. I think the playing field at this price point is fairly even though. The R7 1700 from what I've seen will overclock and perform as good as an 1800x.

I dont know about your memory though, I think Ryzen has/had problems running memory at that frequency? I dont know though. This might not be true anymore.

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Sell it while its high. I feel the Ryzen chip is actually better at multi core tasks. It still chokes on single core single thread compared to intel but uhm thats to be expected


LOL I appreciate this comment. I have been talking to others on other posts about it here. Its samsung B die memory and I only got it rated for that speed so I can squeeze more out of it because its more likely ill win the silicon lottery on something rated higher

i have begun to have an interesting change of heart. Big die graphics cards have fallen out of favor for me. While the raw power is great. I feel a greater value and amount of flexibility can be acheived with the smaller more mainstream dies. Plus they overclock further and the VRAM is usually more stable

Ah gotcha. Makes sense. I usually stick to one step up in speed than I want to run for the same reason.

Heresy, shun the non believer. SHUUUUNNN

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I hope you don't mind a noob question, what do you mean by cherry picked? I wish you luck getting your ram to run at 3200, when there are so many You Tube videos out there saying they are having trouble getting the ram to run at 2600. I don't mean to be a wet blanket, I really hope you do succeed, because the problem and confusion about ram and Ryzen is the reason I have been waiting to see if AMD or the motherboard manufacture fix what I call the problem with Ryzen and ram chips.

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and recently released a microcode update to help with RAM compatibility issues.

Uhmm I know some people... I also know where to source a ( I won't reveal my source) lottery winning set of sticks with b-die.. jaffers (formerly jfing not on this forum) were talking and uhmm he's entered oc competitions and has given me some insider tips and sources .. so that's what I meant lol..

And how does the battle of the 8 cores stack against eachother? :wink:
Also yeah the single core performance of Skylake is significantlly better indeed.
So as soon as intel launches X299, they will probablly get back their crown again.
The only interesting part will be, what intel is going to do with their pricings.
Iommu support on intel also still better, atleast on X99 that is.

So the rumor is the x299 pricing is still going to be as high as it is for x99. They might have the get the crown, but if we don't care about price then the 6950 already had the crown. It just costs $1700.

I can understand your reluctance to reveal your source's, but could you help out a fellow enthusiast out by what kind of people I should get to know? If I am going to make the switch from Intel to Ryzen I need to install nothing less than 32 GB of ram (64 GB would be better) I want to setup a lot of virtual machine and I know from experience 16GB of ram isn't doing to cut it.