My rx 580 temps raise and games lag

So it’s what the title said my temps raise and my fan makes a loud noise and I can’t play any games without lag and can’t even run 3D games or intensive 2D games and if I play to much my pc will get to hot and poweroff

Hey there.

To be able to help you, it would be good to know some systems specs (CPU, Mobo, RAM, CPU cooler and GPU model (eg. Sapphire RX 580 Pulse) ). Your case may also play into it, but for starters, you could just try leaving off the side panel.


What are your system specs, and which rx580 is it?

If you aren’t already running them, download the most recent drivers from AMD, and ensure that Radeon CHILL is turned on.

You can also consider reducing the power limit in wattman from 100 percent to say, 90-95 percent which will prevent the card from putting out as much heat.

You can also look at under-volting, but i’d suggest thar running up to date drivers, turning on Radeon Chill and fixing any system issues with airflow will be the most effective things to sort out.

If your PC is actually turning off due to heat, there’s something pretty wrong with your setup.

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