My router problems

hello i have a router and some dude has changed the password of it and now i cant logg in and make a password for the router. Now is just free wifi and its making me lagg. How do i fix this.

is it any way to change it back to default setting so i can use the same password and name wich is under the router itself?

please help

Press the reset button of your router for about 20 seconds. You might need something small like a needle to press it. It's going to restore the router to factory default so now go to your router's settings which is accessed by typing its ip in your browser. Its probably going to be but if not check on google. Check on google to find your default username and password if you don't know it already. (The ip of the router and the username and password might be written underneath the router so look there before wasting your time) When you're inside, look for wireless security make a password and make sure you have WPA or WPA2 for the wireless secutity mode. You should also change the default username and password you used to get in the router settings. On my router it's under Administration and Managment.