My Rig (about to Build, Need Advice)

Hey guys,
I just wanted some advice on this new rig I'm building
e.g. getting a part that is better but only costs a little more? or maybe a downgrade to save a little this is my pc right now.
I'll be using it to play games such as battlefield 3 & 4 when its released.
Also play games such a GTA V and maybe some racing games.
I do a little picture editing on the side (NEF format), i usually save the editing stuff on an external hard drive so i dont need a massive hard drive.
I live in the UK so yes I do use £..

budget is around the 750 or less mark.
I want to over clock this build over time so i did choose the corair h100i..
dont need a OS
will not get into watercooling
I dont know what Mining BTC is...
I want to play at around a stable 30+ fps
1440x900 resolution.
I use photoshop to edit the photos.
I do not want any peripherals but maybe some suggestions? but please dont add them to the pc part picker build.

Thanks for your help in advance guys!

H100i's are nice, but not really at you budget. If you edit photos, more cores are better. Also, peripherals wise, you may want a better monitor for editing. You should check out logan's new monitor video. I believe it was only $320 for a 1440p monitor.

This based on the one above, because it is a good build. I've only replaced a few things to suit my preference, or parts I can recommend with experience.

The XFX PSU is better quality than the CX. 550W is fine for extra HDDs and overclocking headroom.

Sabertooth motherboard has PCIe gen 3.0. However, it isn't supported by the 8350. So, I placed a cheaper motherboard in the build.

Better cooler. The Phanteks and other comparable air coolers are underrated. It will get you a very high overclock on the 8350. It's not uncommon to have new builders in the firm belief that CLC coolers (H100i) are unbeatable. Honestly, I would avoid them. They are extremely over priced for the thermal performance that they offer, and they are often priced close to custom watercooling kits.

thanks guys for all your help but i was thinking more along the lines of an intel build with the new haswell cpu? i already have a good editing monitor?

also i dontk now if i should go for the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming ATX LGA1150 Motherboardor the

Z87-GD65 GAMING...

Honestly, the 1440x900 monitor you have is pretty bad for what your needs are. Also, you may want the new and shiny haswell build, but the 8 core amd will perform better in editing applications.

i dont always edit?.. i only do a small amount of editing maybe a few hours every 3 months? but ive got in mind a intel build and i dont wanna move away from that? cant you structure something around that?

The GD45 is fine for your needs. I understand there are very few differences between those motherboards. You can certainly pick up an i5 for near the same price as the 8350. I would say that the 8350 is the better processor. However, there are reasons to go with Intel, since they have stronger motherboards.

It's the same build. For the resolution that you are gaming at, it is probably stronger than you need. However, it is a great system which you can use for a 1080p display, when you decide to get one.

I had to pick a different Z87 motherboard. You can go for the previous generation of Intel CPU and make the build cheaper, get it under that £750 price.

thank you so much for your very well paragraphed reply! I just want to get my pc and build it as soon as possible since i cannot wait any longer! do you think i should still go for the h100i? because i have great plans about where to put it and everything or should i just go for a big heatsink? because a h100i will allow me to show off my build inside more and give it a tider look with more room for expansion...

If you arn't going to upgrade your ram, go with 2x4 8GB

why whats the difference?