My question for teksyndicate

People that work to RazeTheWorld need recognition, and awareness.


Will you please cover the Jeremy Hammond case? Thank you.

I want to take this opportunity to express my feelings of gratitude towards Logan, Wendell, and everyone involved in teksyndicate.


Right after the FreedomHosting Tor bust, I came across your videos on internet security, and Tor and Freenet. I thought they were fantastic, and I've been watching your videos ever since.


I am a Voluntarist Crypto Anarchist, and I recognize that the only moral and healthy interactions between humans are voluntary interactions. Government is fundamentally a violation of voluntary interactions, as government action is always the use of force against non consenting people. I also recognize that the greatest fight humanity faces is a war of knowledge, and information, and the government, and corporations are using their terrible hierarchy to suppress knowledge and information, and to oppress the world. Also, I recognize that the last battleground between individual rights, and government control, and the last place with freedom from government is the internet.

I've watched all of your videos/discussion on the NSA events of this year, and I think you all are truly amazing people, and you are doing truly great work, just like what people like Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Jeremy Hammond are doing.

The fight that all TheWorldRazers fight together is the fight against fascism. It is the leech upon humanity, and the earth. This fight cannot be won without the freedom of knowledge, and information. You guys are doing a fantastic job, and you are heroes to me, just like Manning, Assange, Snowden, and Hammond.


I love you