My PSU has two 8-pin connectors! Help!

I am finishing my rig with XFX's Proseries XXX 850W Silver PSU, though it has two 8 pin leads.

One is "4/8-pin ATX12V/EPS12V Power connector" (4+4)

The other is "8-pin EPS12V Power connector" (8)



Which one is the right one, both has the same square/circle layout on the header.

I currently have the EPS12V 8-pin plugged in, is it safe to boot up system?

Motherboard is M5 A97 R2.0 from ASUS (AM3+)

Help would really be appriciated!

Does it not say what to use in your mobo manual?

my power supply has the same, i used the 4+4 but i guess it doesnt make sense wich one you use. its cause there are mainboard with only a 4 pin connector thats why some psu´s have them both

The motherboard manual says 8Pin ATX, though I already have the EPS one wired in, and they look exactly the same, exept the ATX one is split into two 4 pin connectors, which really confuses me, since in the PSU manual it is refered to as "P4".

Thay give the same amount  of power it dosent matter ( useing the 4+4 together is the same power as the 8pin)

Should I just go with the EPS12V 8Pin plug then? Since they are the same?

yep put the 8 pin in there and cable tidy the outher one away ^_^

Then I am logging off and switching my monitor over to my booting machine! Will get pictures up later!

good luck :) i used the 4+4 pin, just cause to  hide the cables behind the mainboard. ☺