is it just me or the new psp 3000 isnt as famous as the dsi... i swear the dsi was the underdog lol. I have always had my psp 2000 since it came out, with a few mods and stuff... so basicly i have been around the psp block. does anyone else have a psp? if so, what firmware, favorite game, chassis mods, etc. do you have?

damn, if im the only one with a psp here im going to hang myself hahaha.

I've had my psp since 2007 and I think it's on 3.40 custom firmware. I don't use it anymore though, since I'm always busy doing other stuff. It just sits in the same spot collecting dust. I would have to say my fav game when it came out was patapon.

Had a psp since launch. modded it like hell (on the inside, not outside), and theeen it bricked (full brick not semi) and I just havnt been bothered to buy a pandora battery.
Fav. game was Socom team breavo (or whatever its called) Played leagues and shit all day with mic and shit.
I will prob buy the PSP go... just for the lulz

PS; First psp is imo the best psp : 3 Good looks, and a nice grip.

Oh and also did I mention that I was in top 10 members @ the old yourpsp europe forums? (with 5000 posts) : 3 Won alot of prizes there.. Have a bag full of psp stuff

PSP is awesome I have a PSP 1000 import from Japan and a dissidia Final Fantasy limited Edition PSP 3000 Import from Japan and I might get a PSP go Favorite Games all the JRPGs and Anime Games.

i got alot of cool stuff from dealextreme. they have a whole bunch of psp stuff. i also have a 4gb mem stick with magicgate supported... i hear that the 8gb is a bit slower than the 4gb?