My Privacy

What are the best ways of keep my privacy on the internet. Without going tinfoil hat and hiding underground for the rest of my life. lol


There were VPNs, https, and overal limit the personal info thrown out there. Social networking is a big one. One I personally won't give up. 


Cloud is not really my private instead the "internets" property. Should I even go to a extent of building my own "cloud" server for my families personal use? Of Course people can't randomly request 

I'm a huge fan of cloud storage. I've over 60GB of cloud storage. I keep a lot of pics, files and songs. Biggest concern being personal pictures. 


My ISP far as I know doesn't really care about illegal files being downloaded. They will throttle during peak times. other than that you can download them fast as you want. Should I invest in a VPN or am I good. I use public wifi a bit when i'm at school or at the library. But that's about once a month right now. It's going to be more once spring comes(daily).


I know there isn't a right or wrong answer. I just want opinions.