My Portfolio!

Question for Logan, Wendell, Qain. 

Im going to University this September to study Games Art. I was wondering what you think of my portfolio, I have put together the work I created from the College course I have just finished and also some side projects with a few friends. 

You Guys are awesome at reviewing products, hopefully you can do the same for my work.

Thanks Keep up the good work!

Im currently at uni for an art degree. I dunno if I can help but heres my advice. 

Take out the 2d paint images, the youtube link picture, the horror hand drawn pictures,  and the basic photoshop work labelled "Graphical Design".

Less is better than lots with crap through it. (no offence) 

Take out anything you feel is bad or could be improved. 

If you could have more items like EMULSION that would win you over.

Maybe make something in a day and label it 24 hour project to show how well you work.

Anyway to sum up remove anything crappy or unneeded, they are gonna be looking at hundreds of portfolios and if they see some bad artwork in your folio they are just going to assume you think that it is good and set a low standard for you. Anyway I hope you the best of luck send your folio to as many universitys as possible and dont be annoyed if they dont like it. I sent away a short film I thought was awesome away once and got nothing back :/ oh well. 

I agree with this.  There was a lot of great stuff that I gave a thumbs-up/admired (some of the HND, Unknown Era, low-polys), but some of the rougher things I think could've been cut.

The 24-hour idea is a great one.  I've been browsing portfolios to hire someone for a small project, and something like that would really pull me in.

I'll echo what the others have said.  A portfolio should be your greatest hits, not everything you've ever done.  You want to show current capability rather than your progression as an artist (if you want to show that off as well, do it somewhere like DeviantArt rather than in your portfolio).  Also, you may want to organize it a bit better.  Right now you have both categories with numerous works, and single works on the front page.  Pick one or the other, or at least make a clear distinction between what is a single work and what is a category.  The way you have it organized now can be confusing for a viewer.  

Also make sure your thumbnail images accurately represent what is inside, while also being eye catching.  For example, the thumbnail for Unknown Era doesn't draw me in, nor does it represent what is contained within.  At first I thought it was just a text logo, rather than a game environment.

Otherwise, just keep plugging.  A good portfolio wont be built in a day.  Or a month.  Or a year.

Thanks guys, its really does mean alot to have this feedback. I take everything onboard and this will help me go foward with the portfolio.  glad to here the negatives because when asking my freinds they dont have the balls to say bad things and in this case its not the best thing.

I can finally go back to the drawing board and get it to a work order. Thanks again guys!! :)