My Poor CPU May Melt

Okay, so I recently built a computer, and unfortunately my Noctua cooler has not come yet.  Long story short the stock cooler is giving me temps that are downright scary.  I'd really rather not "roll the dice", so I thought I'd come on here and ask for suggestions.  When running a virus scan I saw temperatures at 100 degrees Celsius, needless to say...this is not good.

I have a HAF X case (all fans going), a Z77 MSI Mpower motherboard, Arctic Silver thermal paste, and I'm still seeing this sort of performance.  I get that the stock cooler is garbage, but to see these temps from antivirus is disturbing.  I'm using Core Temp 1.0 RC4 to monitor temperature.

I already tried re-seating the heatsink and the thermal paste level looks good.  Is my core temp monitor just garbage, or do I have a serious problem? 

You should really wait for your noctua cooler, assuming the temp reading are correct. lol. And what CPU are you running in your rig?

I'm running a 3570K.  The idle temps are 40-60 degrees though.  It's only going through the roof when under load.

A. get speedfan

B. if your cpu was at 100, it would shut itself off. 100 is tjmax man....

try RC3, it's what i'm using, and it's pretty accurate

if your oc'ng, DEAR GOD, STOP NOW

Post a picture of your stock cooler pls and maybe post a full list of your specs. People will help you better if they know what your system holds :)

Commisar, I'm on RC4 right now.  I'll look into RC3 though.  I heard the TJMax for 3570K is 105...

Is it OC'd? Because that isnt normal at all. Stock cooler or not, I've rarely seen it hit 80 degrees on stock settings and stock cooler.

I do not have a camera handy to take a picture, but I can assure the heatsink is set up properly. I even looked at the underside of the mobo to make sure the pins were pushed through, and they are.


HAF X Case
3570K (stock speeds)
8 GB Corsair Vengeance 2133mhz
128 GB Samsung 830 SSD
No discreet GPU (yet)

my laptop rarely hits 80......



I know's not good.

Here is what I am seeing...CPU Temp

The Max temps jumped into the 100s before I turned off the AV, then they hung in the 80s until I restarted the computer.

Also, I'd like to note that my motherboard has an onboard temp gauge for the CPU, and it was reading I have every confidence this is a real problem.

Seems like your motherboard might be falsely reading those numbers. Have you checked the BIOS temps? Are they close to those temps? 

What kind of thermal paste? The stock stuff that came on the cooler? I would seriously consider reapplying a better grade thermal paste on it.

I rebooted to check the bios temps, it gave me something in the high 60s.  What's weird is that as soon as I turn on my AV scanner the temp goes from 50s to 90s in about 2 minutes (both on screen and on the Mobo).  Within seconds of stopping the scan the temp drops back into the 50s.  If I restart the computer and boot into bios I get high 60s.  

So far this has only happened when running my virus scanner. 

I am using Arctic Silver thermal paste.

Okay, solved my problem.  One of the cooler pins LOOKED like it was pushed through, but it wasn't when I looked at it really close.  It took some wiggling and more force than I am comfortable with, but I got it fixed.

Temps are not 40 idle and 60 under load.  MUCH better. 

Thats good :D

My laptop has hit 92 C :D