My plans to downsize: Help Me Figure This Out?

At this current point in time I am trying to get rid of a lot of stuff. Could be computer stuff (I have a saaaale threeeeeaaaad~), or it could be desks, clothes, whatnot. I want to just get rid of a lot of crap that I have. My biggest problem is technology.

When I was in high school and going into college I had a lot of projects that I was balancing all at once that have since become outdated or nonexistent. Multiple small machines networked together to run a set of LAMP stacks, some bots that would talk to each other in a local IRC chat C>/Bots.Chat style, all sorts of things like that. And I had, still have, a huge interest in computer clusters and things of that sort. So now, I have a pile of servers that I’ll use like 1 or 2 of total, ever, a shit pile of tiny machines all over the place, all the components in the world, not to mention that I keep the boxes in case I ship anything or sell it (mostly for software). And my mom does the same thing with books so thats not exactly helpful.

So now I’m trying to decide what to do with all of it. I thought of throwing it all in the thread I have but I doubt anyone wants a dell Optiplex SX270, let alone a LAMP cluster of the fucking things. Or a windows XP laptop that has tiny AI’s run around in a turf war (though its funny to watch). And because I have operated with no money for the longest time I have been operating on shit I got for free from places (so I guess I at least know a lot about the stuff I have, lotta good that’ll do me tho. Anyone need a NetBurst expert? :P)

So what do I do? Ebay? Recycle? Give it to charity and have all the machines set up with xubuntu so hobo’s can have computers?

On top of that I’m trying to get rid of towers, starting with my personal computer. I have it and a mac pro, and I hate my tower. It crashes, has heat issues, the processor itself has a manufacturing defect so crashing is a daily thing. I was thinking of putting my RX580 in my mac and selling my desktop off with my R7 370 just so I can get rid of it.

Clothes are easy. Goodwill is always available. Old phones? Not so much.

What do you guys do to downsize? Should I just ball up and gun it?


I would at least post it here in the Community for giveaways failing any lack of sales which has a high potential depending upon the material available for “getting rid of.”

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That was the other half of my plan tbh. Whatever doesn’t ebay, give away here. I could get like 500 for my tower, or more, so I’d rather not give that away :stuck_out_tongue:

Roger that mate.
I have 2 older workstations I’m no longer in need of that I’m looking to be rid of which truly shows how long I’ve been active upon the World Wide Web in the past 20 years. Nonetheless, I prefer to be quite cautious as to whom they go for the simple sake of posterity (my bullshit excuse for sentimental value) whilst catching up upon my Unix/Linux related knowledge subjects that I’ve been in hiatus from for the past 3 years (Systemd for example).

I’ve actually been looking at replacing my pile of shit desktop with a workstation.

Are they dual processor / how old are they? I might buy one off you and then just burn everything else.

One is an 8-core 2010 workstation (aftermarket hardware upgrade) made by HP, and the other is a late quarter 2000-ish Compaq Presario with one of the earliest Intel Dual Core CPU’s.
I kept the original Window’s XP Partition for posterity.
It has a BSD install for Pentesting and Forensic related subjects.

P.s.-Workstation equals high quality early era laptops when they hit the business market years ago for what I have.

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How do you have an 8 core laptop lol

Either way, this desktop is out and if anyone has a good replacement PM me if you want rid of something

Ah fuck it I’ll just use the mac.

After market upgrades in the early quarter of 2012.

What in the fuck kind of laptop do you have I need to know lolo.

Gamersnexus recently made a video talking about what they do.
You could donate cases to a local school program. Along with hardware that’s usable but not old enough to be worthless and not new enough to warrant selling.

I have been using teh same case since 2012 and its a Raidmax Vortec.

Any complete computer you could probably just sell on Craigslist, especially if it’s newer than 2008 or thereabouts.

Small business will sometimes look for old servers and some people others will be interested in “gamer-y” stuff.

Old parts or other odds and ends would probably be easiest to get rid of by donating or dropping off at a Goodwill/Salvation Army or equivalent. If it’s too old a school might not care for it.

HP EliteBook 8740 which was a beast back in those days. Even now to a certain point for a workstation considered obsolete by modern standards.

P.s.-Functional does not equate to obsolete.

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Oh thats one of those stupid things you could put like a real desktop chip into isn’t it?

No ideal if it would fit a desktop CPU without major replumbing upon the internals. I’m more of an operating system lad versus knowledgeable hardware wise such as Wendell for example. I wanted an upgrade, so I paid Magnus IT to upgrade the CPU and minor plumbing issues for the (then) newer CPU whom I’ve been going to for years for my hardware.

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R7 370 DD: 250
Xeon 1225V2: 110
16 GB (ECC?) DDR3 @1600mhz: 95
Fans: 20
160GB WD Velociraptor + WD Black 500GB: 95
Lenovo TS140: 140
Antec Earthwatts Green EA-500D: 50

total: 760

To sell my desktop off, does that seem fair pricing?

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Recycle that junk, don’t get emotional,only keep stuff that you need. Organize your room/office and make a system, and keep it that way.


Well its not all junk, a lot of it is, but not all of it and I recognise that. I just don’t know what to do with the stuff that isn’t trash.

Give it away, it’ll feel good getting organized.
Chaos in your living space is chaos in your mind.
I’m a minimalist at heart, and every time I help people get rid of their shit it makes them happier.

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