My plans for ITX build

I have been meaning for a few months to put together an ITX system for watching movies (ps3 has trouble with certain file formats), emulators (Sega, S/NES and MAME really) and dabble in steam linux gaming (hopefully linux starts to get some good indie local coop games).

Initially I thought to go for a Node 304 with i3-3225 (using integrated graphics). But now here is what I plan to buy:

Case: BitFenix Prodigy $89

CPU: a10-5800K $130

M/board: MSI FM2-a75ia-e35 $128

PSU: SeaSonic s12II 430w $75

Memory: G.Skill Ares 1866mhx 2x4gb $75


And the following I have lying around that I can use:

SSD: Kingston HyperX 128gb

Cooler: Antec Kuhler 620 (I bought this to replace my FX4300 heatsink+fan, but it doesn't fit in my case, so I'm still looking for a cooler for that build to replace the vacuum cleaner noise)

Fans: I have a bunch of Xigmatek and Gentle Typhoons spare

Storage: External 2tb Western Digital HDD


I'm pretty happy with this about $500.

The idea for this build is just to connect to my 720p TV via HDMI, and try to hook up a couple PS3 controllers (so I can force some of my friends to play old NES and Master System games until they cry). It's overkill for that of course, but I am hopeful to see more local coop steam linux games with controller support.

Woah, very nice build! That APU will have no problem running more demanding games, such as Skyrim! However I would change the mobo, you are paying over a hundred bucks for it! why not something like a

Sorry. I didn't mention Australian pricing. That same board is $110 here, and I've been hearing about issues with the VRAM catching on fire.

I also read that the Asrock board can't handle an aftermarket cooler that needs a backplate attachment. And I just can't deal with another AMD heatsink/fan combo, especially with it sitting near my TV. Since I have an Antec Kuhler 620 already, this way I save some of that money on an aftermarket cooler at least.

Oh so the pricing is fine then, I got a friend with that Asrock board, and he had no issues yet, but he is still on the stock cooler, so yeah, you may want to get the MSI board just in case. Hope your build turns out great!

gimme the site you're going to use I freaking love ITX builds, you might want a smaller case than the bit finix prodigy, though you may not have as wide as selection as newegg over there

I've already ordered most of the parts. But go ahead and make suggestions, I'm sure this will be the first of many itx builds. (preferred supplier) (usually more expensive, but better selection)