My phone got stolen,how to best keep it from happing,and how to get it back if it does?

Ok i had a GS2,and i always had it in one of 3 places,my hand,my pocket,or on the charger,well one day(back in july) i left it on my desk to charge from my pc,and went to the living room for a little bit,and fell asleep for about an hour,well when i go back to get my phone it was gone,we go all over the house calling it(i know i had my ringer on)and could not hear it at all,so i think someone stole it,but i have no proof.

I had no anti theft set up,so i am SOL on getting that phone back(there is $300 down the drain).

Well i will be getting myself a new phone at some point,it may be as late as income tax,but i will be getting a new one.

What can i do to the new one to help keep it from being stolen,also if it does somehow still happen,what can i do to make sure i get it back,and that the guy gets caught?

Install androidlost. 


Fasten your phone to your nipple-piercing with a key-chain, and install anti-theft software of your choice. Keep your phone in your palm at all times, and never fall asleep. Keep your doors locked, never leave your apartment and never let anybody in.

I use Cerberus anti-theft.

maybe it would work if they are still using his account and he installs it remotely from the google market

Actually, yes. Go and Search for androidlost jumpstart. See if you can install it. If you can, Do so, wait a few minutes, then install androidlost.

A few minutes later, log into, and see if it says its activated.


If so, just go into the options and have it locate your phone remotely. You may just get your gs2 back.

I already tried to install androidlost before,and i tried to register,and i just tried androidlost jumpstart none of it worked,whoever has my GS2 has kept it off...

Google will now let you track your device without having to install any extra software. It may not have as many features but the basics are there. Locate, alarm, lock and erase. That's enough in a worst case scenario.

Add a Google account to your phone (duh)

Make sure location is enabled on the phone (double duh)

Visit while logged in with the same Google account

Do what you need to do

.................and then track that cheating whores every movements!!!!

Well it tried that and it says the no active devices,and in the my devices it says it has not been used since the day the phone went missing.

Crooks are smart nowadays. They know electronic devices are easily tracked so as soon as they grab it they pull the battery and SIM card, do a hard reset, and sell the phone as quick as possible before it can be black listed.

So i am screwed on ever getting my phone back? lol