MY PHONE BROKE! :( (WTB Used phone)

As you can see in the picture. My long time friend (lg optimus g) is finally done. after 2.5 years of usage, this phone has served me well. Im looking to buy a lg g4 or a Samsung S5 would be awesome. its time for a upgrade.

Serious buyer here!

Btw the phone does not work at all. It does power on, But the touch screen does not work..

Just in case you don't have luck here...
There are refurbs on eBay for $199, and new for $234 on the G4 front. I was about to pick one up myself.


how much are you willing to spend? cause I bought this recently and I'm in love with it. sadly I bought it when it was on sale for $239. but it jumped up to $299.

  • 1080p 5.2 inch screen
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • 2670 mAH battery
  • USB Type-C (With Qualcomm Quick Charge)
  • 32 GiBs of Storage
  • Front Facing Speakers.

forgot to say my budget is around $130 :(

This is the best you're going to be able to get at that price range

m8 vs s5?

What carrier and would you be interested in a Moto G4/G4 plus?


Galaxy S5

the 4 mega pixel camera on the HTC m8 is their ultra pixel technology. basically it's really a 8 mega-pixel camera.

I have an M8 and I love it, only complaint is mediocre battery life.

yeah but how was it realistically in the beginning? of course the battery degrades over time and usage.

Dunno, got it used. It lasts through about 6-8 hours of heavy usage, all day if you use it normally.

Sprint. and yes. if the price is right.

Well the regular G is $200 and the G+ is $250 What did you want to spend?

130$ max on a used s5..... My budget is 130 max if you didnt see.... soooo $200 for the moto does not make sense on my end..

Well I have an accommodation at work... Not sure if I want to get one myself though. $150/4+ 64GB

If you have amazon prime you can get the moto g4 for $150, and there are a few guides on xda to remove the Amazon ads

I hate my M8's camera. Mediocre at best.

Not to mention the fact that the camera lens cracked due to heat.

It can be annoying to focus sometimes but the shots are quality

Saying what I said, manual mode is good in HTC's camera app.

so anyone has a used s5 they can sell me? :)