My PCs (Need critiuqe!)

AMD A10-5800k--


AMD FX- 4100--


AMD Fx-4100 #2--


Is this for gaming? If so, I'd grab the first FX 4100 build. The A10 5800k is equivalent to an AMD 7750 in graphical performance. The 7850 is going to be better than either of the other GPUs (both integrated and 7770gHz), so for gaming, I'd go with that.


Yes, manily gaming (DayZ, Battlefield)

please NO!!!! dont buy a FX4100 swap it out for a phenom ii x4 965 or a FX6300 at least. 

True - the 4100 is a very low-powered CPU. At least, swing for the 6300; oversight on my part.