My PC wont run Windows Setup

Hello, I have just built my new PC and it can boot into the Bios and it displays the Motherboard splashscreen. And I can press F11 to pick boot media. When I pick my USB drive with windows on it I get a black screen with a blinking white dot. My motherboard is a FM2 A55M E33. I am running a AMD A8 5600K, 4gb RAM.

I tried the USB on another PC. It works fine.

did you set the usb drive as first boot device?

Also look in the biosĀ  if your harddisk is recognized. because that is the destination, where the windows need to be installed.

Some motherboards REFUSE to boot from USB (even when advertised diffrently) no matter how many blood and sweat you put in it. My former motherboard was one of those.

I hope I'm wrong for your sake, but I am afraid you will have to find a dvd drive on usb (sometimes more compatble than usb keys) or even a dvd drive on sata.

I always have a dvd drive with sata lying around for those stuborne motherboards..