My pc upgrade photos

Doing this from my phone,
Ill clean it up when I get home

Here is an imgur Gallery in the proper order
Stack of new goodies

Old mobo

Old mobo out

New mobo

New mobo on desk.
Hrrnnngg oh its soo shinnnnyyy

Putting the cpu in the saftey install clip thinnggy

Oh thats a sexy beast

You have to press down Really hard on that pin to lock the cpu socket down.
Waaay hard compaired to a zif slot like on the old mobo

Dat moment when you peel off her clothes.

Putting it all in place


Would you like to take the steam hardware survey?
LOL hell yes I will. Haha

Whyy are half my photos upside-down? ?
They are in the proper orientation on my Dropbox...


The url maybe needs to end in ".jpg" or whatever format to be properly resized. Perhaps just use a image hosting side instead of linking from your dropbox.

I only have my phone right now let me try to do imgur

Hey, try deleting characters after .jpg in your current dropbox link, it's what maybe throwing off the resizing.

edit: Nevermind, I tried.

Awesome update looks realy good.
I moved your topic to the buildlog section.