My pc shuts down after 1 second

So i got an i7 4770 and when i boot up my pc it turns off after a second


My specs are


Inteli7 4770 gtx 780, gigabyte b85 hd3, 120gb ssd, 1tb hdd, cooler master hyper 212 evo, corsair 750w psu


Keep in mind this was an amd system but that should affect anything, ive rebuilt it several times and still tye same thing. I have put it on a testbed (my desk) and nothing still. Anyone that can help will be greatly appreciated


Sorry for any errors im typing on my phone




It could possibly be a RAM error. If it's able to turn on with the fans spinning and the LED activity lights on, then shuts down after a few seconds, you may need to clean the RAM or at least reseating it. What I usually do is I take an eraser (pencil) then try to scrub off any dirt on the golden pins of the RAM very carefully, then dusting it to make sure no particles are left, then reseat it to the motherboard and test it. 

If that doesn't work, maybe there's something wrong with the power supply? 

Try taking the PC apart and do a bench test, testing the major components first - motherboard, RAM and PU then turning it on, see if that works, then go test it together with secondary components such as the HDD, and GPU, in order to isolate the problem. 

Good luck and happy holidays. 

I have jumped the psu and it works fine, i have started without ram and it still doesnt work

If you turn on a pc without RAM it really would not work. RAM is a major component that is needed in order to boot and show the POST screen.


Even with ram and it being cleaned, it stilk does not work could i maybe be a faulty mobo?

Sorry for the late reply. BTW, how many RAM sticks do you have? Did you try testing them individually? If that still doesn't work, there could really be a problem with the motherboard or the RAM. I suggest you just send that to a proffessional instead. 

sounds like something with the cpu part to me.

reseat the cpu.