My Pc Parts list

Here is the link to the list. with all the prices, i am in Australia BTW so newegg is pointless for me.

I already have a 1TB drive and copy of Windows 7. The case i am getting with my build is the NZXT switch 810.


I'm going to be using this build mostly for gaming but with a fair bit of editing, most likely to add another card in at the end of the year.

I chose the 2011 socket, as the Ivy Bridge Extreme are going to be on that socket whereas Socket 1155 is at the end of the line. Will probably run with a small OC 4.2 Ghz (not totally sure as am quite new to overclocking.

Would love to hear some of your guys feedback. 

Cheers guys

What can i say it just looks good...

The only thing if you can find the Asrock X79 Extreme 6/GB edition, the GB editions comes with a cool Creative soundblaster core 3D soundcard. bundel

Yeah i have been looking around for one. if not i would just buy the sound card alone in a month or two. Thanks for the feedback :)

yes or buy the Fatality Champion, that has the soundblaster core 3d chip onboard, but its a bit overpriced board, if you ask me.  but black and red with gold plated capasitors looks cool.. :P

Looking around a bit i've found the Extreme9 with the Game Blaster for $350 which is hella cheap probably going to change to that. :D

yeah the Extreme 9 is theire top of the line board. i personaly prefer the Msi Big Bang xpower for that price. but the extreme 9 is also cool.