My PC just died ;(

For some reason my PC has just died. I can no longer get it to boot. Pressing the power button makes the fans spin up for a second but then nothing.

I've removed all the PCI cards (graphics and USB3) to see if it was either of them. Next I thought it could be the ram, and I guess it could still be, but thought it odd 16GB of ram would fail all at once. So tried each stick in turn. Still no dice.

So that only leaves Mobo, CPU or PSU. Without another PC I can't test to see if it is the PSU, but thought it unlikely as it sends power to the fans?

Have I gone about fault finding the write way? I guess I'm stuck now, I'll have to buy a an new motherboard and i5.

Still hoping it's something I can fix, with the wisdom or the Tek forums.


This is my current mother board: Asus P8H67M

and CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz         

As the P8H67M is no longer made I will need an equivalent or better replacement and CPU to go with it.



i would take out the board from the case lay it on the box install  a stick of ram cpu an connect the psu, and try to fire it up outside the case.

If nothing happens try to reset the bios.

If it still not works then probably your motherboard died. in that case you can allways buy a Z77 or H77 mobo. because these boards are ivy but also sandy bridge compatible, so you dont have to buy a new cpu then.

Good luck grtz Angel ☺

Thanks Mystery,

Tried as you suggested, nothing, a light on the mobo did come on but that's it.

Time to go looking for a mobo.

Had a similar problem with a PC i was fixing. IT turned out to be the power supply. You can try disconnecting the PSU and jumping it to see if it runs.

I remember having this problem once, try a different power supply see if it fixes it, I'm sure it's the problem.

fans turn

Well I might just grab a cheap ass PSU just to check, cheaper then a new mobo that's for sure. hmm now I wondering if this psu has an extended warranty.

Also try replacing the battery on the MOBO my brothers computer did the same thing, changed the button battery and boom fired right up(older gigabyte FM2 AMD board)

yeah i think the board died, maybe a short cirquit or something.

Psu could be, but if fans etc are spinning it still seems to work. i personaly don´t think that it is the cpu, because you realy need to do a hard job burning one. as if you have a i5-2500 non k i dont believe you burned it out lol ☺

i would say go look at a H77 board, that will probably be the cheapest solution, but still buy a decent one.

Did that one. Good idea though.

Bit of an update, it's not the PSU. Managed to get a hold of a spare and gave it a try. Same thing.

Thanks again.

So I've gone with this Gigabyte Mobo.

Dam dam dam,

Installed the new modo and I'm still getting the same thing, fans spin up but don't stay on. I'm starting to think it might be the actual power switch on the case. Is there a way to test the board without having the case switch plugged in?

hit up google "how to turn on motherboard without power switch." theres good explanations of how to jump the motherboard. 

It could be both are faulty, if the PSU failed and sent a surge to the motherboard. Generally in these situations the fault is with the power supply and if you're lucky only the power supply. To test the motherboard without the case switch you simply need to short the pins the on the motherboard the case switch would normally be plugged into (just make sure you short the correct pins)

Well I got a new PSU and I'm back up and running. Now will ship old PSU off as it's still under warranty. Still happy I upgraded mobo though.

Thanks again for the help guys.