My PC is unresponsive after boot up

Hey everyone I'm having trouble with a PC i build a few days ago, it becomes unresponsive after i reach the desktop I will get about 2 minutes until it does it.

my specs are 

Gigabyte R7 240

Corsair CX430

AMD FX-4130

ASRock 980DE3/U3S3

4GB GSkill 1600Mhz

Windows XP SP3


i have been on numerous forums and nothing has helped 

Help is much appreciated 



try to boot into safe mode and see if it's doing the same thing. if not then i would check for drivers issue or startup program that might be doing that. and also check for memory error using memtest. 

Hope that helps!

Whats memtest?

also safemode is working fine


all the startup programs that im running is




(one doesnt have a startup item name or command)





McAfee Security Sc...

TP-LINK Wireless C...




And thats all

memtest is the way to test if the memory have any issue, but because Safe Mode working fine then i would disable skype, msmsgs, and also the one that is unknown program on start up. try that and see of that works in regular windows mode.

it went unresponsive again even with the start up programs stopped

So to be clear, you've updated all drivers and flashed bios?

Completely irrelevant, but why are you still running XP?

First thing's first... check all your connections and make sure you're plugged into the right spots on mobo etc, make sure they are all secure... 

I'd load HWmonitor and check my temperatures to make sure it's not overheating and shutting down...

BTW... and by unresponsive you mean it freezes or BSOD?

SP2 was working fine so i might delete windows sp3

and go back to sp2

No I have no idea How to flash the bios and im running xp because my uncle had a spare copy of it so he gave it to me so i didn't have to buy one


my connections are plugged in securely and heat isnt a problem and it not BSOD

good question about xp lol!! BTW because it's running fine in SafeMode then i don't think temp issues, but just to be safe i would check temps using hwmonitor. 

dude i would go and buy copy of windows 7 or 8, so you will get performance increase and fix the issue that you are having. or try to install xp again and see if that fixes the issue.

i run at a temp 45c 

i fixed the issue!!!

SP3 Was cuasing me to freeze so i deleted it and it is now fixed and im playing counterstrike and gmod and everything!!!! thanks guys