My Pc is heating up fast! Plz Help

My Name is max and im having some trouble with my pc i need help with any suggestions or tips on how to stop this issue. i have an alright gaming pc that i got from one of Logan's vids about a year or two ago. its been recently getting hot faster than before and i dont know why. i was playing sniper elite V2 and it got hot within 10 minutes of playing, i put the graphics on mid to atleast slow down the heating but it still heated. i didnt want to keep playing anymore cause i was afraid of damaging any components. any suggestions would be helpful thx.

which parts are becoming too hot? Check to make sure that your fans are spinning properly and that the cooling fins on the heat sinks are free of dust. Clean any dust filters that you might have. If that doesn't help, consider reinstalling your heat sinks with new thermal paste.

ill try those and get back at you, thank you so much i greatly appreciate it.

If you've got it from Logan's vids then it's clear you went with a pretty good video card. That means it's supposed to run at least 60°C at load in gaming, so there's nothing to worry about if you can't touch the heat pipes (why would you do that) or heatsink of your card. For how long have you had this PC? It can either be dust or if you had it for a short while the thermal compound has broken in, maybe that's why it gets hot faster. There's nothing to worry about but check the thermal threshold for each component, TJmax for CPUs -20° is safe (for ex: 4770 tjmax is 105, although it's stable guaranteed by intel and doesn't throttle <100°, you should get <85° for a safe longer lasting component)

If you haven't dusted it in the last year or two you have owned your computer, I am 99.99% sure that is the problem.