My pc is acting weird (ram speeds and keyboard+mouse)

Hi people, my PC is acting full retard on me and it's breaking my mind.

(PC build should be on my profile)

first of all in the BIOS, the ram speeds are quite unusual. I'm looking at it at the moment and the speeds are normal. but sometime they display numbers like 1434mhz until I "load optimized defaults".

second thing is that as soon as windows7 starts to load, my keyboard and mouse simply stop working. everything looks fine as always but my control peripherals just figuratively tell me to go fuck myself.

everything worked fine yesterday, I only discovered this problem when I came home today at noon.

my guess would be that Regedit this did, probably when i tried to load my default .reg file, though it could not do it because some values were being used at the time.

I have yet to see if I can control my pc with ps2 peripherals, though i'd be very suprised if that would work, worth a try.(even though the real question is how do I get my USB things to work again?)

now please, I beg you for help because this problem only piles up on the amount of crap I had to go through this week and keeping myself busy the entire weekend before I can have this fixed up is impossible for me

thank you SO MUCH in advance, and please have a bad-ass hell'a-awesome day for me.

 P.S. I'm on my laptop and I'll keep you guys updated accordingly

it looks like your laptop could be throttling it self to prevent over heating. have you tried cleaning it with compressed air and rubbing may also want to replace the  thermal paste on your cpu if  your laptop is 3years or older.

if that doesn't fix it then download a linux live cd like knoppix or ubuntu  linux. you can also use systernals ERD comander it's a bit old so it dosn't have a lot of features like linux but it dose have the ability to edit the windows registry.

Please post complete system specs ... so we have a better understanding of your system.

my main pc is fucking up, I have to use my laptop that's what I meant.

(PC build should be on my profile)

yes it is ... sorry

  1. at start up go into bios and set to default settings 
  2. reboot in safe mode and 
  3. do system restore to a point before the regedit

will do.


tried it, peripherals still aren't available even in safe mode, I think I'll try moving the drive to another pc, get my stuff out of it, format then reinstall windows. Then I was told I might need a new processor, which feels like I was told I might have cancer.