My pc doesn't work

i bought a new PC for gaming it has a MSI H16m-p31/W8 motherboard, an Intel pentium G650 CPU, 4 GB of ddr3 hynix ram and Raidmax Cobra PSU. for some reason when i turn it on everything gets power then shuts down then turns on again without me having to touch the power button it also doesn't show anything on my screen. What's wrong with my PC can you guy tell me how I can do to get it to work.

Take 1 ram stick out, then try.  if it doesent work, change out some parts.  Maybe a friends got some ram if you dont.  I think its the ram.  Could be a bent pin, bad motherboard, bad processor, and in very rare cases, ive even seen video cards make a system not boot.  

And one more thing.  Let it power on 3 times.  Its normal for a new system to boot twice or three times.  

it looks like it's not the ram. I think it might be the Motherboard thank for the help

Is this before you have installed Windows?  Some motherboards have a boot twice behaviour .  This should disappear when windows is installed.  As Gamier Games suggested let the machine boot/power on a few times before worrying.  Failing this if system will not POST go into full blown trouble shooting mode and using 'known good' components find where the fault is, if a manufacturing defect then seek an RMA if  building damage then you are SOL.

Couple of diagnosis/repair YouTube videos :-