My pc build im working on , its mainly ment to be a gaming build.

 That is my parts list, i need opinions in the mobo and gpu coolant. Mainly aswell as if i should get an ssd or not? Should i bump my i5 up to a 3550k and over clock? Also should i tone down my gou abd get a 1 or 2 gb insted of a 3? Also monitor recommendations would be appriciated. Thanks.

Dont get three individual ram sticks =/ try just the 2 and then try get a dual channel pack. its more stable that way as they have been tested and configured in pairs.

you could also go for a quad channel kit however it wont run in quad channel.

Well since you got yourself a z77 mobo mind as well get the "k" chip and have the ability to overclock in the future or now. Thats up to you. If not then switch the board to an H77. Like Jonathan stated you should only get dual sicks of 8 or bump it up to quad sticks, dont get 3 sticks.  

you don't need 24GB of ram when games don't even use 2GB, 8GB is plenty

that heatsink paired with those fans beats and H100 and its 20 bucks cheaper along with quieter too

Asus is the beesnees of MOBO quality and Overclocking, also rich in features