My PC build and questions

Soon i will be building a new PC to replace what i have now. This is my current hardware:

  • Pentium [email protected] Hyperthreaded singlecore
  • 1.5Gb Random sticks of RAM
  • Nvidia Geforce 8800GT (the only decent old hardware)
  • Some 80GB hard drive laying on my desk at the time.
  • Coolermaster GXLite 500W (new in anticipation of current build)
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2343bw (2048x1152 FTW!!!(1080p game in a window is awesome))

Soon i will be getting:

Have i forgotten anything. I will be getting a silent cooler after the date but i don't think my budget will allow this at the time. Am i right in thinking thermal paste will come with the cpu?

Obviously i will be keeping the 8800GT, screen and the PSU.

Also - having heard of the Xbox 720 and the Steam box - will this acctually be very futureproof when the xbox has that quad core quad hyperthreaded CPU and when the super customisable steam box comes out and will this be a massive blow to the cheap custom pc...


Tell you what. Downgrade to the i3-3225. Ditch the 8800GT and get an HD 7770. 

A cooler isn't really necessary unless you are planning to overclock, which you aren't. 

The Xbox 720 and Steam box are appealing, however, gaming wise, the experience on a pc is unprecedented. Also console based games are limited to the consoles ability, higher resolutions are not supported. All I am saying is that, once you do your pc right, its less to worry about in the future.

I will get the i5-3570 and i will upgrade to the K if i have enough left over money. The cpu is because i will be doing loads of rendering and video converting on the PC. The cooler is mainly to keep it silent, not to keep it any cooler. The 8800GT is fine for a few months because im not a hardcore gamer. Skyrim/Borderlands 2 maximum. I am also not a graphics freak. The 8800GT WILL last me untill my birthday, in july, when i will get an upgrade. I hope this clears up my choices.

Then there is absolutely no reason not to go for this build. 

P.S. On the Steam box and Xbox 720, I'm not much of a console gamer so what I said might not be true.

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