My PC bootloops after i installed a new cooler

I recently switched out my stock cooler for a Noctua L9 and after installing it my pc started to bootloop. What could cause it? I have reseated the CPU. Reset CMOS. 


Asrock B75 Itx 

i7 3770

Corsair CS750M

1X8GB HyperX DRR3 

Thanks in advance.

make sure all contacts and cables are connected? did you check to make sure no pins on your motherbaord were damaged?

I checked everything. Although I used quite alot of thermal paste but it isnt going over the sides of the CPU.

Check the CPU cooler is hooked up to the CPU fan header and not a system fan header? Might be the system is freaking out thinking theres not a CPU cooler connected. 

Now it doesnt even turn on. I think i might have ESD'ed the motherboard. Could my CPU be the problem?

Take cooler off, remove excess TIM, replace with stock cooler. Test. Next time use the correct amount of TIM.

Check every connection (ram, power, sata.. everything) again then once more.

I dont have the stock cooler. It had been damaged so I got my 3770 for a hundred bucks less. 

Did you at all damage any socket pins when you installed the cpu? Try a single stick of ram and be sure its in the correct slot.

Though highly unlikely, your MB battery might be bad. (If by bootloop you mean that the power button flashes after pressing it once while the whole system continuously restarts.) If that happens to be the problem I can send you a replacement battery, provided that your MB uses a CR 2032 battery.

Also, about a pea of thermal paste is generally a sufficient amount. Good luck, I hope you can figure out what's wrong.

I didn't. And I only have one stick of ram but thanks for the suggestion.

I have an extra battery myself. It's identical to the one used in my motherboard so I tried switching it out. 

Nothing changed  but thanks for the suggestion. 


Darn. I hope you can find the problem.

Double check the front IO power connectors.

Failing that.

When it loops, is it more of a short power on phase sound (2-3 seconds) then a short blip and power down? Or is it long winded before it loops or is it really quick in total?

Be sure to test the board on a bench with only the bare minimum installed. No hdds, just cpu, ram, display and keyboard. To power on short the 2 pwr front IO contacts with a flat screwdriver.

Worst case - find a friend that has compatible components and start swapping out gear to find the faulty item.

Now it wont even boot. I tried what you mentioned but i think my motherboard is dead.