My PC automatically restarts when playing Hitman Absolution

Hi, so heres the deal.

I pre-purchased Hitman Absolution Proffesional Edition on Steam, and maybe 10-20min in to the game my PC automatically restarts for some reason and it keeps doing so every time. I have reinstalled my graphics card drivers, it didnt help, this is the first time it has ever happend to me. So i was wondering if any of you guys could figure it out.


Thank you :)

Get some temperature monitors and check: your hardware might be over heating.

Already done, no over heating.

I have been having the same problem with my computer as well. Instead of just Hitman though it does it to all games I play and only games. 

Have Task Manager open and monitor your physical memory and processor. I think this may be a RAM issue, if it is, test each stick and see which one is the faulty if it is so. Do this by running the game again or another application such as an HD Youtube video or something while having only one stick in your computer at a time. This method has helped me out in the past, but it turns out my RAM just became loose.