My parts list (V2.0)

Made some changes to my build since my last post. Thanks to cloudscorpion and others for advice. Still not sure if i changed for the better or worse.

  • MOBO: GA H61MA-D2V
  • CPU: G840
  • RAM: DDR3 4GB PC1600 HyperX (2 sticks)
  • HDD: 500GB WD Blue 7200rpm
  • GPU: Nvidia Geforce 550ti 1GB
  • CASE: Corsair Carbide Series 300r
  • PSU: Seasonic S12II Non modular 520w

I think the case is overkill but its this or Antec One and im not sure which is better. Im thinking of cutting back on the case and maybe getting a Radeon 7770 but will my CPU bottleneck the Radeon 7770?Need some feedback and opinions thank you.

no it will not bottle neck the 7770 the 550 ti is a faster card




gpu (or  



PRISE $ 355+hd(70) (didn't inclued your hd in this) ABOUT $100 cheaper than what i found for your build and i would take the extra $ and get eather a beter GPU (7850) or a 128gb ssd

and yes whats his face with the Hair will recomend a intel build but this build is much faster than what you have and cheaper



XD whats his face with the hair, love it

ya... and... go for the A10 cpu (add a gpu later)

Price with a10 no dedicated gpu is about equal to $270+hd(70) you will be playing games @much beter quality than a console

PS the sony has said that they will be using a slightly modified A8 cpu for the ps4 (my info is about 5 months old but still)

psps sry for the repost but SSDT

Was looking at the build you listed Akira, skip that fire hazzard of a case/psu you got there. Honestly, trash in trash out. If you want to run the line of cheap, but high quality, check out this case and this PSU. Also if your using this as your primary system, you gotta remember that the IGP is gonna nab some of that memory, so I generally suggest going for 8GBs instead of 4GB, try to keep the frequency high and the cas latency low.

logisys lol, I'm tightwad and I don't use them, rosewell green series, capstone and Fortress series if you want to go cheap, seasonic provides great qaulity, not always the cheapest but great quality

Yes I agree but it was cheep and if he is building a sub $400 pc i would  not invest to much in a cass. Ya a better cass would be good to have, but not needed.

Few people realize a bad case can actually damage your components, poor air flow can cause overheating, poor grounding can cause damage to the transistors over time, poor soldering can cause front panel buttons to fail over time, etc. Not good. And when it comes to PSUs, buying junk usually results in failure within a short time and far too often takes the motherboard, gpu, cpu and/or memory modules down with it.

Whats his face with the hair LMAO. Anyway should i go with Akira's build and replace the case and psu? Or can Giga whip me up something for about 400-500 ? :3

one build coming up

here is what I have to say about Amds new disappointment that's "faster" and "Cheaper" thats a $69 dual core against a $129 qaud, mine is the Ivy version of that chip and .2Ghz faster

7750 vs 560

case should have good enough air flow, the CPU doesn't really use that much power so it doesn't gennerate that much heat

you'll have to use one of the Molex to PCI-E power adapters but thats fine, I ran 2 HD 5850s on a 530w version of that PSU each had a real 6 pin and a Molex 6 pin and they both were at a stable OC of 1020Mhz full loadd 24/7 bitcoin mining

Asus puts the same features they put in their top of the line high end stuff as a standard even in lower end H61 stuff, DigiVRMs and high quality parts, ASUS doesn't mess around

1 4GB stick so you can upgrad to 8GB later without having to waste the ram you have now

gigabusterEXE, sponsored by Rosewill. <- (lol)

Other than the fact that the Trinity chip beat out the Pentium in most of those benchmarks (with the exception of the lightly threaded), the comparison of prices isn't fair, ones a CPU, the other is a CPU + GPU. You know its not fair, though I insist on pointing it out anyways.

You can have a look at this I threw togather. Do I think this is the perfect build for you? I don't know. This build concentrates entirely on build quality, what I listed here are all excellent parts. It also came out to a really low price, hitting just above $400. From ealy reports, it seems you should be able to obtain about a 30% improvement in games with the proper overclock. You should be able to play most modern games @ 1080p with medium to high settings getting at least 30fps. It also doubles as an excellent overall PC as the CPU component does well in many productivity based applications. As you can see from the link giga provided, the A10 CPU beats out the Pentium in almost all the benchmarks (if it looks like they are trading blows they are not, be sure to glance at the polarity of the scale, half of those state "lower is better"). Additionally my build starts with 8GB of mem, compared to 4GB. The mobo in my build is fantastic IMO, AsRock did a great job with it, USB3.0, heatsinked mosfet, variety of graphical and audio outputs, etc. That combined with the CPU cooler should give you a rock solid overclock. PSU is rock solid as well, with an 80+ bronze for dat efficiency. 

The trade off? (compared to giga) The IGP in the Trinity is impressive, but it can't stand up to a higher end discrete graphics card like the GTX 560, the games that the Trinity's IGP will be getting 30-40FPS, the GTX560 will easily be getting 60-80FPS. Pretty much at least double. We did managed to agree on the hard drive, though mines from NCIX for a couple $ less and free shipping.

I'll leave it at that, if you decide to go down my build path and are interested in learning how to effectively OC an APU, I've worked with a handful of Llanos in the past (not a Trinity yet) so I could guide you if you desire the assistance.

 EDIT: Also throw another 120mm fan in that case, 1 fan isn't enough to effectively cool a system. 

"gigabusterEXE, sponsored by Rosewill"

Hell I should be, them, ASUS, intel and newegg, being a hobo sucks

Hmmm descisions hurt my face! Thing is with giga's build i could easily pick it up but with your trinity build i would have to go through a metric shit ton of pain to get the new trinity APU,motherboard because im not in the US and im sure that it will take a while before the new motherboards + APUs to get here (to my local retailers) :/ But im not sure i may have to check with them.Or can you reccomend sites that ship internationally? Anyway thanks for the reccomendation. Oh and giga if i cant get a 560 (its a bit expensive) how will a 6850 do?Or should i do everything i can for the 560?

EDIT: Now that i keep thinking bout it,dat APU build is looking sooo tempting :/

which country do you live in, and does your local store have a online pricelist?

the 3220 vs A10 same price

If you would be adding in a higher end discrete graphics card, then the benchmarks giga posted have some validity, $ for $ the CPU in the i3 will beat out the A10, but then again you would only be using half of the A10 chip if you had the IGP turned off.

To be completely honest, the fact the A10 only narrowly loses in most of those benchmarks to the equally priced i3 (though the i3's IGP pales in comparison to the A10s) is fairly impressive considering the amount of chip space used up by the IGP.

yes but if you DID use the IGPU then I imagine the scores would go down even more due to shared resources

To be honest, I can't imagine it would make much of a difference, but that does sound like an interesting thing to test out, perhaps I'll run come control CPU tests on my Llano system then run them with furmark running in the background, see what kind of difference we're talking about.

I'd be interested too