My next system build. (Mini itx lan gaming and media encoding)

Case:  BitFenix Prodigy $99

Motherboard: Maximus VI impact (or next gen equivilent) Couldn't find price. Im going to assume $250

CPU: 4670k or 4770k (If the price drops) (or next gen equivilent) $275 or $389

Cooler: All in one WC kit with a small rad or a small tower heatsync. 

RAM: 16GB of Corsair vengeance running at 2133mhz CL 10-11-11-31 $209

GPU: EVGA GTX 770 Superclocked ACX (or next gen equivilent) $499

PSU: Seasonic XP-760W Platinum V2 (80+ platinum certified) $239

Storage: Still undecided. Will be using atleast 1 SSD though

Should be around $1750 with all of the hardware included

Probably going to build this 6 months from now so prices will change. All prices are Australian prices taken from

So what do you guys think?

I would look into Xeon versions as they are about 50~100 bucks cheaper, haswell has bclk multipliers so you can do something like 100x1.25x33 and get 4.15Ghz out of a CPU that does 3.3Ghz

make sure the xeon has hyperthreading and buy the lowest binned/cheapest one that does

TL:DR haswell can moderatly OC non K chips so grab a cheap ass Xeon

Alright I'll look into it