My New Socket 2011 Build in progress

Yeah, the 3930K is not gonna be enough for titles like Detroit: Become Human.

You want strong single core IPC for games moving forward, learned my lesson that even the 4960X is not enough for Unreal Engine 4 and Detroit.

If you’re fine with PCI-E Gen 3, the 10900K is a good “extreme” build starting point for purely gaming. If you want tons of cores but don’t care about PCI-E lanes, the 3950X is good enough for gaming, but excellent for rendering. Threadripper 3000 is honestly too high latency IMO.

I want PCI-E lanes with at least 1 x16 slot for the 3990 when it comes out in aftermarket from EVGA! I also want 2 or 3 m.2 drives with 128gb of ram!
But have not decided Intel or AMD

haven’t seen you in forever dude, what do you do with all that ram

2-3 NVMe drives is more the realm of Cascade Lake-X or Threadripper. Since you are waiting for Ampere, I’d wait for next gen Threadripper for PCI-E 4.0 lanes and maybe improvement in latency. Cascade Lake-X will limit your NVMes by quite a bit.

i have the same kind of hardware but with 32gb of ram and a i7-3970X, and for now i fighting against upgrading.
To me intel haven’t done a big-enought refresh to justify it, and AMD is going to show some new stuff that might be worth waiting.

Also pcie gen4 is a minimum if i want my system to hold as long as this one, and i don’t know if i shouldn’t wait for ddr5 to.

If you’ve waited this long to do a new build, I’d be doing something with Zen 3 (its just around the corner). Or whatever intel finally puts out that isn’t just Skylake+++++

My only reason to upgrade is for single core IPC, which is pretty lacking from even the 4960X. The 4960X only runs Detroit: Become Human at sub 30fps, no matter what resolution or GPU.

My Autocad program is heavily dependant on Ram and more Ram is always better lol