My new rig!


hi guys. This is going to be my new pc and i wanted to be sure that everything is compatible! I live in switzerland and my currency is CHF. This pc is going to cost me 2500-2400 CHF (2600$) beacaus everythig is so expencive wher i live! In the future i am going to add a r9 280x toxic but i want to know if it s possible to fit 4 of them on the rig! Ai am not planing to OC anythig but i ll buy mor fans for the case an for the h100i they are going to be sp 120 and af 120-140. So this is the lis of parts i am thinking of:

CPU: intel 4 th gen core i7 4930k

CPU cooler: Corsair H100i

MoBo: rampage IV extreme ( i' ll do a bios flashback)

Case: cooler master storm trooper

GPU: sappire r9 280x toxic

RAM: 16Gb of kingston Hyper x beast 2x8Gb

storage: 1x 480gb ssd kingston hyper x 3k(for the games); 1x 60gb kingston Hyper x 3k( for the OS); 1Tb western caviar black (for everything else)

PSU: Corsair AX1200i 80 plus platinium

Monitor: Asus VE278H

So what do you thik of all this? Thanks for reading!

What i think is that you are building one hell of a performance beast.

Not sure about that case.Did you look into the Corsair Obsidian line?

No but i saw revews on the storm trooper and every thing shoud fit.

First, why would you like to have room for four R9 280X toxic GPUs. It.s no use to have a crazy crossfire configuration when only having a one monitor. Secondly, you don't have to get K CPU if you're not going to OC. Thirdly, you should use noctua NF-F12 because they are the best fans (silence and performance with radiators). I haven't heard that much good about those corsair fans. There should be no problem with compatibility. And please, use PCpartpicker. It is much better for everyone. It will also show are those parts compatible and required power etc.

you are building a beast of a computer! btw the Trooper will fit just fine,a friend of mine has this case and honestly its one of the best cases i have ever seen

awesome pics!