My new QNIX QX2700 27" 2560x1440 IPS Monitor

Hey guys,

After watching TS' Shimian review a while back I decided to finally look into purchasing one of these Korean Apple Cinema displays, so I went with this 'QNIX 27" QX2700 2560x1440 IPS Monitor' I found on eBay being sold by 'bigclothcraft'. It cost around £220 ($355) and was shipped from South Korea via DHL, was suprised to see it arrive within 4 days of me purchasing it!


Anyway it arrived in a branded QNIX box and the panel was secured with styrofoam, it was packed pretty strongly, the screen was protected with that plastic stuff you peel off.

It has a detachable stand, which swivels really nicely left & right and a little up and down. The monitor is a black finish, and all of the buttons work (Brightness +-, Volume +-, Power) It has inbuilt speakers too, but they aren't too good.

It has one DVI-D port, and connected using a kettle lead, all I need but it may be a problem with others (I believe there is a HDMI version you can buy). It also has two 1.3mm Audio jacks, but only one appears to work, and outputs through the inbuilt speakers.

They did provide me with a kettle lead, but it was a Korean power connector. I was suprised to see they packed an international plug adapter, which is very handy as it transfers to pretty much any plug socket in the world. I used a spare UK kettle lead I had lying around which worked fine.

Turning it on

Plugged it into my desktop and was relieved to see it turn on with no problems, Windows instantly recognised it and put me in a 2560x1440 resolution, which is nice. As Logan proclaims in his Shimian video, there is SO MANY DAMN PIXELS! It's great when I'm doing my college work as I can put 3 word documents side by side with no problems. The colours seem fine, I think.. and there is no problems with it what so ever as far as I can see, but I am yet to run the dead pixel finder. (after all I bought the 'Perfect Pixel' version, cost an extra £20.)

It does get a little hot after keeping it running for a while, but I am very happy with it and may invest in a second monitor in the near future, it's amazing for the price!


Should you buy it? Definately! This monitor is brilliant for the price it is, as the nearest price for a well known company such as Dell is well in the £600-1000 mark. I would be sure to get the 'Pixel Perfect' version, as it is just a declined Apple Cinema display, so there must be something that Apple didn't like about it.





im surprised it worked at all, on ebay it looks like a scam. or a monitor that looks cheaply built and impossible to RMA. And ebay alone is a website flooded by scams

Oh nice im in the uk i just got a dgm monitor at 2560x1440 but i also thought about 2 screens may get this one as it is cheaper haha by nearly £200

I thought that too, but it appears to be a trusted seller with 99.5% positive feedback, and the monitor has sold over 100 times on eBay.