My new Monitor

Helllo i am looking for a new monitor preferbly an IPS monitor. I was looking at the Dell u2312hm but my friend said that the 8 ms responsetime is to damn slow (personally i thought it was a fine response time). A lot of internet sites also say its a fine monitor even for gaming. my question is: does anybody has this monitor or knows someone whith the monitor and can you tell me if the higher response time is noticible? If people have suggestions for an other monitor just post them below.

I don't have it, but if those reviews (the opinion you are looking for) tell you it is a fine monitor for gaming than why not give it a shot? There is probably the possibility to return it if it is not to your liking I suppose?

Edit: That series from Dell would probably be one of my first choices tbh if I would ever look for a new monitor.

I have two of them. They are completely fine for any kind of games.

I can also say that any response time that is lower than one frame (1/60 ~ 16 ms) is unnoticeable.