My new gaming/streaming/editing rig, anything I should add/replace?

Two problems I found which aren't absolutely crazy, the size of the 980 makes a drive bay basically unusable and then the voltage for the ram and cpu are a bit meh.

I want a high end workstation pc, what do?

If the gigabyte is too big, go asus strix; also if you go gigabyte, the g1 is far better a choice do to being a far better build quality than the normal one.

Asus strix and gigabyte g1 are equivalent in cooling, power and so on. Gigabytes are longer, asus are fatter, so just see what fits better in your machine. Honestly though, all the 980 and 970 brands are comparable and it really just amounts to what you think looks better.

If you ever plan to sli, would suggest the gigabyte z97 sli or the asus z97-a (for mobo); otherwise I suggest no change on that.

Besides all of that, your choices are solid, cheers.