My new gaming build! $1800 - Need advice

Here are the parts, i editted a build I found on reddit and added a Gtx 770

Is my PSU good enough? Or should I get something better?


Also this build is $300 out of my budget, but I can get the money for it but is there anyway to edit the build to make it cheaper?

I will be using this computer to play games like, Arma 3, DayZ, CS:GO, and some light video editing. Is the i7 overkill?




If anyone could help, i'd appreciate it!


All looks good.

Here's my list.

I dropped the i7 for the i5 you can always upgrade next year to a i7 4790.

I would grab a 4gb 770 from EVGA they are around the $389 US mark.

I like this one:

All round it's over $100 cheaper.



There is also this

It's $20 cheaper.


Be sure to check the store pages for savings codes.  As the fractal has on at NCIX.

Dude are you crazy? You downgraded from an I7 on a build thats going to be used for editing... WHAT Don't go I7 4770k. It's the same price as the 4790k and the 4790k will run cooler and usually faster.  And if your doing any editing, it's almost always worth it to get the I7. An I5 is good at editing but the extra 4 threads of logical performance really accelerate editing. And with a $1800 budget, there's no reason to not get the I7. Also don't go Gtx 770. The R9 290 is way faster and the same price. The R9 290 is as fast as the Gtx 780 for Gtx 770 money. Also, to the guy that said that a 4gb 770 was good at that price point... why? 

I don't exactly plan on doing a lot of video editing, just some stupid gaming clips here and there. But i will definitely go with the R9 290. 


Do you think going with the i7 will add additional years, before my pc is outdated?

Most definitely. Games are all heading in the direction of more threads. The new consoles all use Amd 8 core processors, and since almost all games have a console port, they will all be using all 8 threads eventually.   

Honestly, I wouldn't go for the r9 290 i would go for 2 xfired 280's (non-x model) 

and they are only a little more

I heard that the i5 and i7 are almost identical when it comes to games.

You mean $100 more then the R9 290 and as fast or slower... Plus you get the many problems of crossfire 

The difference comes in when recording and playing, editing and also there will be a difference once games start optimizing more for 8 cores which should happen soon 

No i'm not crazy I'm practical.

He said he want's to make it cheaper if possible.  Check I did that without compromising overall performance of his originally selected parts with extra Vram and storage to boot.

Also a waste of time speculating on 8 core 8 thread optimization.  It was the same deal going from 2 cores too 4 cores.  Buy now wait forever.

He's better off with the i5 and putting the money into the GPU or Storage.

^- Cheaper than the i5 build, with pretty much all the performance from the i7 build...

As I plan on not doing much video editing, i decided that I won't be getting the i7. But I will get an i5 instead, but I am not sure which one to get. 4670K or the 4690K

Facepalm, crossfire is for people who expect to have problems and dont mind tinkering and waiting. So no, bad idea.

Agreed with comic and drunkenpanda, i5 4690k is the better choice. Always get the latest and greatest (z97 is the newest chipset).

Keep in mind Arma runs better on nvidia, and for such a budget you can fit a 780ti in, depends on how peckish you are with settings and resolution. A r9 290 is a better buy for the bigger budget, but a gtx 770 is just fine, and in some cases (like arma) even better, considering 290/gtx 780 is overkill on 1080p.

+1 for the Xeon.  So many people don't realize that the LGA1150 Xeons are i7s with no integrated graphics, and sometimes have a little bit more of L3 cache.