My new Editing/Gaming computer

So first of all sorry for my bad english.And that said I am building my 3 computer so far ,and this computer is a guite better than the other ones and i have few questons depending the build.First question is, is the LGA 2011 really run for the money or should i just buy LGA 1155 motherboard. Second question is kinda follow up to the first one and it is for the processors First of all what is the difrend between i7-3770k and i7-2600k ? And are the LGA 2011 processors like i7 3820 and i7 3930k Much better than the LGA 1155 processors? (and keep in mind i think I am gonna overclock that CPU which i am gonna buy) My third question is about GPU when i said that i am gonna build also an editing machine I was wondering does Sony Vegas 11 pro use Cuda cores because knowing that could really help my decision depending the GPU.And then to my Fourth question about the PSU I have CHIEFTEC A135 Series: APS-650C on my another computer and i am asking does it have enogf juice for my future build which you can see down there. 

Motherboard: Normal ATX LGA 2011 OR LGA 1155

CPU:  i7-3770k , i7-2600k, i7 3820 , i7 3930k One of these not sure which.

GPU: GTX 680 or 2x GTX 660 Ti  or 2 x GTX 670 Or  Titan not sure yeat :/

And mayby new PSU if the 650wat is not enoug.

Those are the parts that i need I already have the case which is Fractal Design Define XL R2 Black Pearl and RAM which is Kingston 4GB 2400 MHz DDR3 HyperX Beast x4 so =16GB of RAM memory and I also have 1 SSD and 2 1TB HDD so no worrys of those. And I really like you if you did read all this Shaiza :3



Gaming and Editing with Sony Vegas = LGA 1155 is really good, you don't need 2011. Just grab the 3770k, you won't regret it.

Sony Vegas doesn't use cuda cores, both types of cards will work fine.

650w 80 plus is good enough for a single video card, I'd grab the 680 because Usually it's better to buy 1 powerful card because it'll generate less heat and require less power



I would get a 3820 and a socket 2011 motherboard. Personally, I have a 3770k, and it is fantastic for editing (I use Photoshop and FL Studio), but I have no upgrade path. Get socket 2011 and have the upgrade path to a 3930k, 3960X, 3970X, and Ivy Bridge-E, etc.

i7 3370k is an ivy bridge cpu which was introduced with z77 chipset , and the 2600k is a sandy bridge cpu (z68)(correct me if i am wrong).both run on lga 1155

if u r gaming go with the 1155 (z77)(3770k) cuz it has integrated graphic on the cpu and other stuff ,,,2011 is more for the heavy use ,

650wat will be enough for one gpu ,,like one 680 but if u r going with 2 gpus u should have at least 850watt

also make sure that ur ram will be compatible with the motherboard (although it will )

Someone needs to go to school.

So based on you opinions I think i am gonna Go whit this Kinda setup

CPU: I7 3770k and  CPU cooler Crosair Hydro H100i Watercooling kit

Motherboard:Asus P8Z77 WS,LGA1155,INTEL Z77,DDR3,ATX


But I still think i need a better PSU because all the fans i have in my case  :/ 

Fans in case + that water coolingfans =

3 x 140mm + 3 x 120mm  

And then the other parts that i have 

Case:Fractal Design Define XL R2 Black Pearl

Ram:Kingston 4GB 2400 MHz DDR3 HyperX Beast x4 so =16GB

SSD:Kingston 120 GB for OS

HDD 1: 1TB For games and programs

HDD 2 :1TB For videos and pictures ect.

And mayby new PSU i am not sure :/